About Anvers Housing

Anvers Housing is the leading housing agency in Ireland providing accessible homes to people impacted by acquired brain injury

We are experts in creating and operating houses that support brain injury survivors to live barrier free, and maximise their independence.

Acquired brain injuries happen without warning. They turn lives upside down overnight, often caused by a head trauma such as a fall, assault, or road traffic accident, or due to a stroke or loss of oxygen to the brain.

People previously living a very normal life find themselves with sudden, additional needs. Many are unable to return to their home due to a lack of accessibility, or because the specialist physical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioural support they need is not available there. For too many survivors of brain injury, the alternative is a prolonged hospital stay, placement in a nursing home, or reliance on family members who cannot cope. Some find themselves homeless. Their potential to be independent, to integrate back into their communities and rebuild their lives gets lost.

Anvers Housing gives those impacted by brain injury the opportunity to live their best lives within their own communities, where they feel at home. Our tenants are active members of and valued contributors to the communities in which they live. Our houses are purpose built or expertly adapted spaces, designed to meet the individual needs of each tenant. They are inclusive and friendly places – alive, accessible, and affordable.

Rehabilitation and support services are provided to the tenants of Anvers Housing by Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, supporting them to live more independently within their home environments.

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