Assisted Living

“It’s a home from home”

– Thomas, Anvers Housing tenant

In our Assisted Living residences between four and six people live together in a safe environment where they are supported by expert brain injury rehabilitation staff on a 24/7 basis. The houses are designed and operated to be accessible and to maximise the independence of each tenant. They are also situated close to transport links, shops and other local amenities, fostering a sense of community and inclusion.

Each tenant has his or her own bedroom but shares a kitchen, living room and dining facilities. Their daily activities, menus and routines are all individually planned.

The person with acquired brain injury is the centre focus of the residence. The house fosters their autonomy and personal development, key factors in the journey towards living a life less dependent on medical, occupational and psychological support.

Working together with the Acquired Brain Injury Ireland team, Anvers Housing tenants are empowered to engage in their own personal care, cookery, and home management. They actively participate in managing personal and household finances and are encouraged to access local facilities in the community, such as libraries, leisure facilities and others that may be of particular interest to them.

Negotiating shared living spaces also promotes social interaction and helps residents develop the appropriate cognitive and social skills essential for living with others into the future.

Support Service Agreement

Each person living in an Anvers House is provided with a written service agreement, drawn up with the tenant and his or her next of kin or designated carer. For the resident, the agreement ensures they understand the process involved when moving into their new home. It also sets out their rights. For family members or carers, the agreement includes:

  • A commitment to consistency in all information shared
  • A detailed risk assessment
  • The challenges particular to the individual
  • The tailored rehabilitation programme developed in response to his or her needs
  • Anvers Housing and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland handbook policies and procedures to ensure a caring, safe environment for each resident.

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