Independent Living

“I have thoroughly enjoyed living in my apartment which is just right for my needs”

– Branford, Anvers Housing tenant

Our independent living units consist of a range of high spec, accessible apartments and bungalows. Like our assisted living houses, our independent living units are fully integrated into the community, while being located in close proximity to Acquired Brain Injury Ireland services.

Independent living units are available to new as well as former tenants of Anvers Housing Assisted Living accommodation. They offer a step-down route for those further progressed on their rehabilitation journey and for those requiring less hands-on or 24/7 rehabilitation support.

The units are located within estates, neighbourhoods and established communities. Tenants of our independent living units may receive ongoing neuro-rehabilitation services from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland within their home environments and in their community.

Support Service Agreement

Each person living in an Anvers House is provided with a written service agreement, drawn up with the resident and his or her next of kin or designated carer. For the resident, the agreement ensures they understand the process involved when moving into their new home. It also sets out their rights. For family members or carers, the agreement includes:

  • A commitment to consistency in all information shared
  • A detailed risk assessment
  • The challenges particular to the individual
  • The tailored rehabilitation programme developed in response to his or her needs
  • Anvers Housing and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland policies and procedures to ensure a caring, safe environment for each resident.
Branford, Cloch Cora tenant:

“Any issues I have are dealt with by the manager with no fuss”

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