Who We Are

Securing dedicated housing for people living with an acquired brain injury

Anvers Housing was founded in 2004 by Barbara and Maurice O’Connell, in response to a persistent and previously unmet need to secure dedicated housing for people living with an acquired brain injury, within their own communities.

The name of the organisation was inspired by its first property: a house belonging to Barbara’s brother, Peter Bradley, and formerly to her Grandmother, who named it after her native home in Anvers – Antwerp, Belgium.

When Peter acquired two brain injuries by the age of 42 he found himself no longer able to live independently. In the absence of any more suitable accommodation to meet his needs, he was transferred to a nursing home for older people. In 2001, with the support of Barbara and Maurice, Peter moved into ‘Anvers’ – an Assisted Living property in Glenageary, County Dublin.

Within six months, Peter went from sleeping and watching television all day in a locked environment to being out in the community, using local shops, the bank and other amenities efficiently. With the right support, in the right environment, Peter’s needs decreased.

Sadly there are many survivors of brain injury like Peter who continue to find themselves misplaced in nursing homes and community hospitals, due to a lack of appropriate accommodation. They and their families require a range of services and supports on the pathway from hospital to home, to increase their participation, independence, and potential in life.

Our experience of working with service providers in the provision of specialist housing options is that there is a gap in knowledge around the requirements that maximise the quality of life and the rehabilitation potential of people with brain injury.

We needed to do something to address that gap.

Working in partnership with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, Anvers Housing now provides community-based housing with support for people living with an acquired brain injury in five counties in Ireland. The organisation continues to grow.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for a society where Universal Housing is available as needed, so all those impacted by brain injury would be able to live barrier free and as full participants in the community of their choice.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to passionately serve and relentlessly advocate in order to build fully accessible homes that support people impacted by brain injury to rebuild their lives and be fully engaged in their community.

Our Values


We build homes within communities, and nurture communities within homes.


We value all our tenants as unique persons and work responsively to meet their changing needs and empower their independence.


We are rigorous in all areas of our work and hold ourselves to the highest standards.


We foster strong, strategic partnerships that support our tenants to rebuild their lives.


We focus on the future to find creative solutions and new ways to do business better.

Key Objectives

Our key objectives are to achieve:
  • Top quality homes that meet changing needs: By facilitating access for people with disabilities to the appropriate range of housing and related support services, delivered in a sustainable way, and promoting equality of opportunity, individual choice, and independent living.
  • Strong partnerships that drive our commitment to quality: By working with an internationally accredited service provider of specialist neurorehabilitation for people with an acquired brain injury.
  • Financial planning and value for money: By delivering best value in capital investment, responsive repairs, cyclical maintenance programmes, and in the re-letting of empty units.
  • High standards of Governance and Regulatory Compliance: By ensuring adherence to all statutory regulations and quality standards.
  • Effective asset management: By working to the goals set out in our Asset Management Plan.
  • Effective risk management: By using a risk management framework that is embedded across the entire organisation and overseen by the Risk Committee.

Partner organisations

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland provides neurorehabilitation services to the tenants of Anvers Housing, supporting them to live more independently within their home environments.

The organisation is Ireland’s leading provider of community-based neuro-rehabilitation services for people living with an acquired brain injury, internationally accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), compliant with HIQA and other statutory regulations, with charitable status (CHY 14289).

A brain injury can dramatically impact a person’s ability to manage their own life. Acquired Brain Injury Ireland works in communities across the country to support and empower people to rebuild their lives, where they live. The not-for-profit organisation also campaigns, educates and advocates for the rights and needs of this hidden group in society.

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Acquired Brain Injury Ireland delivers person-centred rehabilitation to some 1,100 people annually, as well as support to their families and carers. Every year in Ireland an estimated 19,000 people acquire a brain injury, resulting in life-altering, dramatic change. These injuries happen suddenly and are often traumatic, caused by road traffic accidents, stroke, assaults, concussion, falls, and viral infections like meningitis. Each brain injury is entirely unique and requires a tailor-made, individual rehabilitation plan.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland provides this support, through a range of assisted living, home and community neuro-rehabilitation services, as well as in Clubhouses, through vocational rehabilitation and assessment and family support programmes. The rehabilitation process is overseen by an expert interdisciplinary team of psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and case managers, and on-the-ground by a network of local management and rehabilitation assistant staff.

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